Homemakers Nov. 9 – Fleece Tie Blankets

I love my neighborhood. ❤ We have a group of ladies that get together once a month during the school year to do things. Every September we have a meeting to talk about what we want to do each month for the upcoming season, and it’s always a lot of fun. In October we had a bonfire at my mom’s house.

For November, we got together at my neighbor Pam’s house and put together fleece tie blankets to donate to Alexandra House, which provides services to people and families suffering from domestic violence. Each blanket uses two yards of fleece, one yard for one side and one yard for the other, and then we cut 3″ strips all along the edges and tied the two pieces of fabric together. I bought a whole bunch of styles of fleece in two yard increments from JoAnn Fabric a long time ago, so it was great to finally have a use for all that fabric! We ended up making some that were two yards large, some that were one yard, and two that were half a yard (because of cutting error on my part, whoops!) All together we made 10 blankets in about an hour and a half!! That’s what I call teamwork!

Below are some pictures of our event last night.

The Homemakers with our completed blankets (I’m the one with the purple blanket)
This is me working on one of the kid sized blankets.
My neighbor Karen likes filters for her photos, haha!



 It was a really fun night. I sure love my neighborhood! Special thanks to my neighbor Pam for opening up her lovely home for us to gather in.

Do you do any crafting type things? I am currently working on knitting a Hufflepuff scarf and hand-sewing a quilt made with the English pattern piecing technique (but I’ll share more on that later!)

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