DIY: Children’s Book Tree Advent Calendar

OK, so I’ve wanted to do a Christmas advent calendar type of thing since before I ever even conceived my first child. (For those of you that know me and know that I had a bookcase filled with children’s books in the nursery before I had any other furniture or before we’d even conceived our son, this likely does not surprise you.)

I decided that this is the year I fully commit and finally do some of the bookish Christmas things I’ve wanted to do forever. Since today is December 1st, I started with a book-a-day advent calendar.

The idea is to wrap up 24 books (I went with all Christmas/winter themed Children’s books) and starting December 1st you open one book each day. When you open the final one, you know that tomorrow Christmas is finally here! I’ve seen several posts on Facebook and the rest of the interwebs that have a whole plethora of ways of doing this. I went with wrapping them in shades of green paper and stacking them into a “Christmas tree” (which you may or may not be able to tell from the photos, haha!) My plan is to let my sons (James age 3 and Link age 1) open one book each night at bedtime, and we’ll all read the story together as a family. 
I think it’s pretty cute, and since we don’t have an actual tree up yet the boys think it’s pretty neat too!
Some other cute ideas are to wrap the books (in the same paper or many colors) and put them in a cute basket. Either number each book, or let the kids pick out which one to read.
Rebecca over at Here Come the Girls made this cute advent Snowman out of books and DVDs:
This person kept it classy by just stacking the books and tying them with a ribbon so they look like one big present! 
For this next one you’d need a lot of space on your mantel. This would not work with my boys! But maybe if you have older children (who are better listeners) this would work for you!
Are there any other fun ways you like to give the gift of books all season long?


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