(Linked) Review: Reign of the Fallen by Sarah Glenn Marsh

Reign of the FallenReign of the Fallen by Sarah Glenn Marsh
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

DNF’d at 84 pages in, after the healer heals the scratch on her arm (that is totally fine and healing normally on its own) but then does nothing after she ALMOST DIES IN A FREAKING BONFIRE BUT SOMEHOW EMERGES TOTALLY FINE, even after lengthy descriptions of how painful it is and, I quote:

“Sparks fly as we roll into the heart of the blaze.
We land on top of each other, and as the Shade burns, so do I. Pain consumes me as my flesh sizzles, searing up my hands, my arms, my face. Searing everything. I wish to Death that I could float up out of my body, just leave this burnt shell behind.
I’m not sure which of us howls loudest.”

…Um, and you don’t need healing after that? You’re just totally fine? They brush it off as “Oh, your dress took the worst of it.” Did you miss the part about her FLESH SIZZLING?

Done. I’m just done. This isn’t the first bit of stupidity, but it’s by far the worst. They just move on to the nobles accusing them of bringing the dangerous dead thing to their party.

Oh, no, wait, here’s the bit that really got me:

“He pulls me tightly against him, and for a moment we say nothing, united by our love of the job and so much more.”

She talks about loving her job (as a necromancer) so much, I think she wouldn’t love him if he wasn’t a necromancer. “United by our love of the job and so much more” indeed. OH! And they can’t be together because his mom wouldn’t approve of him dating a necromancer, and they need his mom’s permission (for some reason?) to get married. LOL, wut?!

Yeah, no. Done. Life’s too short to read garbage books.

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(I used Goodreads cross-posting function to post this review, because I hated this SO MUCH that I can’t be bothered to reformat it and write it all our and stuff for this blog. Hate. So much hate. I had to create a new shelf called “hated with the fiery passion of a thousand suns” JUST FOR THIS BOOK.)

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