Sharing Book Riot: Dear Stephanie Meyer: I’m sorry – Critical Linking

I ran across this on Book Riot today, and it felt worth sharing. It’s kind of longish, but has a good message.

I liked reading the books the first time through. I tried rereading them and was like, “Oh… these are actually pretty horribly written…” But not any worse than some other YA or romance novels I’ve attempted to read in the past few years. I know I have felt the mighty shame of having liked these books.

“Yes, Twilight is silly. A lot of pop culture is silly. Imagine the same amount of vitriol being leveled at the equally silly Fast and the Furious market.” This makes some really good points about garbage fiction and crappy movies that are not targeted at teenage girls getting a pass. Listen, y’all, teenage girls deal with enough garbage. Let’s let them like whatever they like without attacking it (and them).

What do you think? Were we too hard on Twilight? Did you like it? Did you ever feel like you needed to lie about liking it for fear of being attacked?

One thought on “Sharing Book Riot: Dear Stephanie Meyer: I’m sorry – Critical Linking

  1. This is SUCH a good question. I liked the first one when I read it in HS. I felt the others were kinda meh, and the final one was pretty crappy. BUT. I think it normalized abusive relationships in the eyes of a lot of teen girls, and that part I didn't like.Did Meyer deserve all the crap she got? No, she didn't. She also made a fuck=ton of money, so she's sort of in the green at this point.


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