Book Review: Leo Loves Aries (Signs of Love #1) by Anyta Sunday

Rating: 4 Stars

Published December 4th 2016
Summary: A new person will enter your life in the early year, Leo. Look past any moments of frustration they might bring and laugh—this could be the start of a thriving friendship.

Theo Wallace usually laughs at the horoscopes his mom sends. Still hung up on his ex-girlfriend and practically friendless, this one begs him to reconsider. Because a friendship that stuck, that thrived…

Well, that would be a reason to leave past pains behind and look to the Bright Future.

When his sister Leone challenges him to find her the perfect date for a spring wedding, Theo uses it as a chance to make new friends. Theo’s ex economics tutor and newest roommate Mr Jamie Cooper seems to be a possible and convenient match. Real convenient. Like written in the stars, convenient.

All he has to do is make sure this Jamie is good enough. Could really be the one for her, and the friend for him.

But watch out, Leo, the stars have a surprise in store…
(from Goodreads)

Review: This is one of those instances where I read a later book in the series first, then came back to read the first book. Sadly, Leo Loves Aries did not tickle my fancy as much as book #2 in the Signs of Love series, Scorpio Hates Virgo. (Maybe because I’m a Scorpio so I connected with that book more? Who knows!)

Anyway! I did really enjoy Leo Loves Aries, even if there were several parts that had me shaking my head at one of our male leads, Theo, and saying “Oh, you sweet Summer child…” Theo spends the whole book making friends with Jamie, and throwing his at his sister. I love that Jamie says things sometimes that Leo takes as joking, or completely misunderstands, but that we the readers (who know this is a M/M Romance and thus that Jamie is gay – and if that’s a spoiler for you, I’m sorry, but really?) understand in a different way, and it is HILARIOUS. Like Theo telling Jaime he should take a risk and go for a relationship with his roommate, with Theo meaning his sister (and his and Jaime’s roommate) Leone, but Jaime CLEARLY thinking Theo means himself. Or this little gem:

Jamie stopped a few feet from the car and threw his head back, muttering to the sky. Theo opened his door. “You coming or what?”
With a clouding expression that made Theo nervous, Jamie kicked his way to the driver’s side. “I’m gonna come all right.”

 Oy vey, poor dumb Theo. I liked Theo and Jaime, but both of them fell just a little bit flat to me, which is why I knocked off a star. I also really love Leone, and Sean, and Jaime’s mom! Supporting characters for the win!

This is the first book in a series, but each book serves as a stand alone. And yes, Theo and Jaime make an appearance in book #2, Scorpio Hates Virgo! I read this via Kindle Unlimited, where the whole series is available, so that’s always fun!

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