Review: Nerdy Post (January Disney Villains Box)

Time for a VERY LONG OVERDUE review of Nerdy Post !!

Nerdy Post is a monthly subscription box with, well, nerdy stuff. According to their website, they “hand letter and illustrate totally unique fandom artwork.” And let me tell you, their stuff is GORGOEOUS. Each month features a different fandom, pulled from books, TV, and movies. They announce the new theme at the beginning of the month, and have spoiler reveals throughout the month to get you good and pumped up!

Every box contains:

  • 8.5″ x 11″ High Quality Print
  • (2) 5″ x 7″ Mini Prints
  • 4″ x 6″ Color in Postcard
  • Auto Grade Vinyl Sticker
  • High Quality Lapel Pin
  • These 6 items will be in every box, along with a few of the following: Notepad, Sticky Notes, Coaster, Magnetic Bookmark, Buttons, Magnets, and more!

    They have three different subscription opens starting at $13.95. I picked the option with the box plus the T-shirt for their January theme, Disney Villains.

    My dog Remy was super pumped that we got MAIL!
    (He liked to eat the box when I’m done.)

    I love the great variety in this box. The t-shirt is AMAZING! (Then again, Ursula is my favorite Disney villain so I may be a TOUCH biased.) It’s purple (my favorite color) and says “I fortunately know a little magic” and is probably the most comfortable t-shirt I own.
    Then there is a large print featuring Maleficent, two smaller prints featuring Cruella deVille and Mother Gothel, a notepad featuring Hades, a postcard with Madam Mim, a sticker with Yzma, and a Dr. Facilier pin, and a bookmark with Gaston. YOU GUYS! THIS BOOKMARK! The quote they chose for the Gaston bookmark is “How can you read this? There’s no pictures.” HAHAHHAHAHA, because it’s a bookmark, lol. OK, I’m a dork, but that just tickled me pink.

    I’m not really a prints kind of person, though now that I’ve started a bookstagram I’m hoping to maybe get some milage out of these. The pin is really cute, but I don’t love Dr. Facilier like I love Ursula, Gaston, and Madam Mim, so I’m a little bummed it’s not for a character I’m more into. The t-shirt and bookmark are by far and away my favorite parts.

    I paid $36.90 for this box ($29.90+shipping) and it is DEFINITELY worth the money even just for the unique t-shirt alone.

    Nerdy Post also has a Nerdy Store on their site where you can snag great nerdy wear, past nerdy boxes, past nerdy t-shirts, and special things like one time boxes. (I really need them to get more of the Hufflepuff t-shirt in a 2X!)

    What types of boxes do you subscribe to? Do you have a favorite? I’d really like to try out a few more, so I’m now taking suggestions! 🙂

    2 thoughts on “Review: Nerdy Post (January Disney Villains Box)

    1. Ooooh that shirt is SOOO pretty! ❤ I'm not a fan of purple but I love Ursula and the typography is gorgeous. The bookmark is so witty as well. xDI don't buy bookish subscription boxes since shipping to my country is way too expensive, but I definitely get jealous seeing unboxings!- Aimee @ Aimee, Always


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