Monthly Wrap Up:: March 2018 – Challenges & Book Haul

I decided to include in this monthly wrap up my progress in the various challenges I’m participating in, as well as my “book haul” for the month. Let me know if you like the book haul aspect (or not) included, or if I should make it a separate post, or if you just don’t care either way, haha. 🙂

March Challenge Recap

2018 Reading Challenge


Books read in March: 24
(Before you act too impressed, 6 of these were children’s books. If I keep including ARC children’s books I’m reading for NetGalley, I think I shall need to adjust my total challenge goal higher!)


Progress in March: 1/1
Total Progress: 6/12


hosted by Novel Knight

Progress in March: 2

  • Parasite (read 3.24 – review coming soon)
  • A Duke in Shining Armor (read 3.31 – review coming soon)

Total Progress: 5/20


Progress in March: 2
  • O: One and Only (read 3.15 – review)
  • P: A Princess in Theory (read 3.6 – review)
Total Progress: 18/26 


hosted by The Hufflepuff Basement group on
Progress in March
  • Flowers :: Lady in Waiting by Marie Treymayne

  • Book/Paper :: The Little Library by Kim Fielding

Total Progress: 5/24

March Book Haul

I discovered Book Outlet this month, which was dangerous for my TBR pile… Heh. Use my unique link to save $10 off your first $25+ order!

I also bought a few books not through Book Outlet. Lenora Bell’s latest release I pre-ordered way back in November, but it just came this month so I’m counting it as part of my March book haul. 😉 I also picked up Olivia Twist at Target when I was shopping for books for Easter basket stuffers for my sons.
And finally, I received not one but TWO copies of To Kill a Kingdom in various book boxes I got. (I’ll post reviews for said book boxes soon!)
I won’t even list all the ebooks I got in March. Between egalleys for NetGalley and Edelweiss+, as well as ebooks I bought off Amazon the list would be just too long! 🙂
So what do you think? Should I keep including my book haul in my monthly recap? I mostly did it this month because I went SO CRAZY with Book Outlet, haha. Don’t forget to use my unique link for Book Outlet to save $10 off your first order with them, if you want to go buy stuff. (Maybe don’t go as crazy as I did, though…)

6 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap Up:: March 2018 – Challenges & Book Haul

  1. Yeah, it's proving to be VERY dangerous for me… Dang Book Outlet! My goal for April is to get caught up on my ARCs, so I'm going to be too busy being glued to my Kindle to even read any of these literal stacks of books. heh, oops. 🙂 But what a great problem to have!


  2. Print is definitely my preferred format, but the majority of my ARCs are egalleys so my Kindle is getting a real workout in April! I probably won't even touch any of these March book haul books in April because I'm trying so hard to get caught up on all these (digital) ARCs. 😦 There should just be more hours in the day. Or someone should pay me to stay home and read all day so I don't need to waste 50 hours a week commuting and being at work. 😛


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