Guest Post: Peekaboo’s Corner – Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon

Lovely readers! It’s almost that time again! No, I’m not talking about a sportsball season finale. I’m talking about the Dewey 24 Hour Readathon Challenge, April edition!!
Welcome once again to Peekaboo’s Corner, please feel free to browse through the stacks of books I’m attempting to back for the readathon because it’s almost upon us!

What is this miraculous event, you might be asking yourself? Let me give you some knowledge.
Click the above link for more info, but I’ll give you a brief summary.
The Dewey challenge (April 28th this time)  is exactly what it sounds like – challenge yourself to read for 24 hours straight. Now I know what you’re thinking. “Peekaboo, please. We have lives! We have to sleep and eat to function as humans!”
I for one never manage to make it the full 24 hours, because frankly I really enjoy sleeping, but what Dewey does give me (and you!) is an excuse to block off a day on my busy schedule and just READ. Nothing else. I make sure that I shuffle all the guilt at not cleaning, or playing video games, or doing one of a million other things I could be doing out the door, because this day is dedicated solely to reading.

In my case, myself, Elley, and a few others are going up to my cabin in the woods for a whole weekend of reading bliss. The key to a great readathon is, of course, luxurious food and plenty of snacks and drinks, and you have several routes you can take with this. Standard chips/cookies/munchies are always a good standby. They’re cheap, so you can even readathon snack on a budget. If you want to get a little more fancy, pre-make some meals you can heat up and nom while still reading.
Going out to restaurants and reading while you eat is a good idea too, but that didn’t work so well for us last time, and there were some scary salsa-on-the-pages close calls.
The same rules apply to readathon as to any time of marathon, so remember to stay hydrated (water or tea, please! Alcohol does not count!), and get up and walk around once every hour. This doesn’t have to be far, just walk in circles around the room a few times while still reading. Your body will thank you later.
Now we’ve come down to the most important part of readathon. WHAT TO READ. How many books can you read in 24 hours? Or in my case 15 hours? The answer is probably somewhere in the vicinity of 2-3, but you bet your ass I’m packing more than that. I want to have options! What if I get all the way up to the cabin and suddenly decide all my romances won’t do, and I want to read a horror? Or a mystery? Remember to keep your options open. OVERPACK on books. Feel free to give your books their own bag.

Here are the books I’ve got lined up so far for readathon:

And that’s just to start!!
Lastly, remember to have fun! Read books you WANT to read. If you get ⅓ of a way into a book for readathon and are struggling, switch to a different one. If you’re with a group, pause every few hours for conversation and a snack break. Treat yourself to some fun new bookmarks or a new Kindle case for the occasion.

Let me know in the comments below what your readathon plans are, and what books you are planning to read!

Toodles for now, lovely readers!


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