Book Review: Infamous (Famous #2) by Jenny Holiday


Author: Jenny Holiday
Series: Famous, Book 2
Publisher: Jenny Holiday
Publishing date: March 20, 2018
Kindle, 272 pages
Amazon  Goodreads

Summary: Is he brave enough to face the music?

All that up-and-coming musician Jesse Jamison has ever wanted is to be on the cover of Rolling Stone. When a gossip website nearly catches him kissing someone who isn’t his famous girlfriend—and also isn’t a girl—he considers the near miss a wake-up call. There’s a lot riding on his image as the super-straight rocker, and if he wants to realize his dreams, he’ll need to toe the line. Luckily, he’s into women too. Problem solved.

After a decade pretending to be his ex’s roommate, pediatrician Hunter Wyatt is done hiding. He might not know how to date in the Grindr world, how to make friends in a strange city, or whether his new job in Toronto is a mistake. But he does know that no one is worth the closet. Not even the world’s sexiest rock star.

As Jesse’s charity work at Hunter’s hospital brings the two closer together, a bromance develops. Soon, Hunter is all Jesse can think about. But when it comes down to a choice between Hunter and his career, he’s not sure he’s brave enough to follow his heart.

Rating: 5 stars

Review: I grow increasingly convinced that Jenny Holiday is incapable of writing a book I don’t fiercely love. Like the first book in the Famous series, this is another slow burn, friends to lovers story, this one a M/M romance where the first book was a M/F romance. Can I just say, I love the inclusion of more than one type of couple in this series? Usually you see a series that’s all M/F, or all M/M, but I think this is my first series with a straight couple in one book and a gay couple in another. And apparently slow burn friends-to-lovers stories are my new favorite.

Jenny Holiday writes a mean slow burn romance. Gah. Words, there are none. Jesse Jamison is on his way to stardom with his band, Jesse and the Joyrides. (LOVE the band name!) He’s got this formula he follows so he knows who to sit next to on the train to avoid conversation (which is hilarious, smart, and adorable) but makes the choice to sit next to a super hot guy (Baby Silver Fox, he calls him), whom he winds up really enjoying talking to.

Hunter (aka Dr. Baby Silver Fox…) just got out of an 8 year long bad relationship where basically his boyfriend kept him in the closet in regards to his family and friends, so he’s moved to Toronto for a fresh start. He’s a hospitalist (uh, basically a pediatrician for the hospital instead of at a medical practice?) and oh, my god, could there be a more perfect man alive? (The answer is no, there could not.) Fast forward a few years after Jesse and Hunter’s meeting on the train, and one of Hunter’s, Avery, is a huge Jesse and the Joyrides fan. I want to keep talking about how they meet up again and become friends etc. etc., but really, just read the book. I’m sitting here trying to write this review and I’ve got a stupid grin on my face just remembering this book, especially certain Hunter/Jesse scenes that I want to talk about but I don’t want to ruin it with spoilers! And not only are the leading characters amazing, the side characters are also a delight, especially Avery and the guys that make up Jesse’s band (but especially Billy, LMAO!)

This is the second book in the Famous series, but it can be read as a stand alone. There are some minor spoilers for the first book in the series, Famous , but frankly they’re barely passing mentions so you’re unlikely to spoil anything for yourself. That being said, Famous is also an amazing read, so if you haven’t read it yet, what are you waiting for?!

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