Happy Book Birthday! You’ll Never Know by Katie Cross

Happy Book Birthday to
You’ll Never Know by Katie Cross!

Rachelle Martin is a hot mess.

After losing 110 pounds, she expected to be happily flirting her way through countless dates, not lost as a college dropout. Now that she’s arrived at her ideal weight, why isn’t she happy?

When an injury prevents her from running her dream race, she realize she can’t run from her ghosts anymore. Rachelle must take the one step she’s sworn she’d never take: professional therapy.

Can Rachelle push herself through pain and let go of the past? Or will her demons continue to haunt her one bad decision at a time?

You’ll Never Know is the unforgettable novel in the groundbreaking Health and Happiness Society series. It tackles the false idea of conditional happiness and the exhausting path to self forgiveness.

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I’m only a few chapters into reading You’ll Never Know, but it really resonates with me. Also, people keep posting pictures of macarons and cupcakes with the book, so you KNOW I’m there for that!

This is the third book in the Health and Happiness Society series. I adored the first book, Bon Bons to Yoga Pants (which is totally a love letter to every big girl who’s ever been told “You have such a pretty face…”) and I just recently purchased the second book in the series, I Am Girl Power, which promises to be equally amazing. Also, these covers are so cute!!!


4 thoughts on “Happy Book Birthday! You’ll Never Know by Katie Cross

  1. In this one she's lost a bunch of weight and is exercising crazy amounts and being really restrictive to try to keep it off… It's not a makeover, fat girl loses weight and gets the love of her life type book. It's a learning to be happy (and healthy) with who you are, and being your best self, and facing your issues and learning to live your best life. ❤


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