Book Review: Not His Werewolf by Annie Nicholas

Not His Werewolf

Author: Annie Nicholas
Series: Not This, Book 2
Published: July 24, 2017
Kindle, 461 pages
Goodreads     Amazon (Kindle Unlimited)

After being disowned and labelled human because she can’t shift, Betty Newman rescues unwanted dogs to fulfill her need for pack. Being rejected by her birth pack was enough pain for a lifetime and she’ll do anything to avoid subjecting herself to their prejudices. 

Things change when Ken Birch wakes in her kennel still in wolf form and declares she’s his soul mate. His presence wakes her feral heart and makes her long for a life she can’t have. Old wounds are opened and she refuses to listen to instinct. 
But only a shifter can be a soul mate and now her life is in danger by New Port’s pack. Either Betty learns to shift or she dies. Problem is the only one willing to help is Ken, the last person she wants. 

Rating: 4 stars

Gosh I sure like this series. Annie Nicholas gives great banter. The chemistry between Betty and Ken is great. I also love a romance where the male lead is all in and is all about wooing his lady love, and not in a gross forceful alpha-hole way but in this delicate dance like he knows if he moves too fast he’s going to scare her off so he slowly feeds her hot dogs and breakfast burritos and gets her animal rescue a spot at his orphanage fundraiser and stuff. 

After Ryota giving the wolf shifters a bit of a bad rep in Not His Dragon, I loved getting to read more about Ken (who is like the Good Boy Next Door) and a different view on the wolf pack (and on Ryota too). Betty is also kick ass and awesome, but I am starting to wonder if all of the heroines in this series are bad ass ladies because they’re poor as dirt and have had to fight tooth and nail to survive. You can be bad ass without having had to fight for every scrap, and not need to be saved me a millionaire man… 

This is the second book in this Not This series, and while it can technically can be read as a stand alone, I wouldn’t recommend it. There are MAJOR spoilers for the first book in the series, Not His Dragon, which also gives you a lot of exposure into what Angie and Eoin went through which was in some ways very similar to what Betty and Ken are dealing with in this book. There is also a fair about of set up for the next book in the series, so I highly recommend reading theNot This series in order and not skipping around or skipping books. The books are pretty intermingled and the side characters from books show up as main characters in later books who then continue to be involved as side characters in future books.

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