Monthly Wrap-Up :: October 2018

2018 Reading Challenge

Books read in October: 15

Books read in 2018: 155/175

And now I’m kind of going “Whyyyy did I increase my challenge goal from 150 to 175 again? I could be DONE right now!” hahahahahahahhahaha arrrrghhhh *flumph*


Progress in October: 4
Total Progress: 23/21 – COMPLETE!

I’d set my goal at 21 to be in the 21-30: Chatty Kathy. I guess I’ll set a new goal of 31 to hit “Terrifically Talkative” but DANG that’s going to be hard to go with less than 2 months left in the year… CONSTANT VIGILENCE!
New Goal: 31


hosted by Novel Knight
Progress in September: 0? 2?

Total Progress: 6/20? I’m not even sure… I set me own weird rules for this one to try to read my physical TBR mountain, but I’ve added to many new books this year and I can’t recall what existed in my physical TBR before the beginning of the year and what didn’t. I’ve read books published before 2018 which is what the actual challenge calls for… I might need to just abandon ship on this one, guys. 


Progress in October: 0

    Total Progress: 23/26

    Letters remaining: Q, X, Z (The hard ones!) You guys, with Q, X, and Z remaining, I just might have to call it quits at 23… 

    6 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap-Up :: October 2018

    1. Only twenty more books! You can do it!! If you read 15 in October – then you just need to read at least 10 in November and 10 in December. 🙂 As for the A to Z challenge; is that books that start with that letter? Goodreads has lists for that!


    2. Haha, yes, it is books that start with that letter. And I actually have books lined up for Q and X, I just need to READ them… and with focusing so much on reading ARCs and Kindle Unlimited books, I just haven't made the time to read them! I might get there… Maybe… We'll see, LOL.


    3. LOL. I made my goal on Goodreads 75 after a lackluster first 3 months of the year and ended up surpassing it still by the end of September. LOL. Beat The Backlist is the challenge I am absolutely rocking! I set my goal originally at like 15-20 I think. And then upped it to 50. And I surpassed that already too. I have spent a large part of the year catching up on series and reading a TON off my bookshelves though. So that accounts for my BtB primarily. I'm hardcore failing at the discussion challenge though. I made my goal like 15-20 and since March I've only posted a very sad 6. I'm gonna try so much harder next year for it. LOL.


    4. A friend of mine specifically set herself a challenge of reading books off her physical bookshelves, which is sort of what I was trying to use BtB as… and then didn't, haha. Maybe next year! The discussion challenge has been a struggle to keep up with sometimes, especially trying to figure out what to write about… It's good to break me out of my sometimes robotic-feeling review/blog tour endless cycle, though!


    5. I did benefit from October having Dewey's 24 hour readathon, and I spent a weekend ensconced at a cabin with some booknerd friends where we spent all weekend doing nothing but reading… November is not looking as great so far, LOL. I also seem to add books to my TBR at a much higher clip than 15 books a month… HMMMMMM. :/ hahaha


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