1 Year Blogiversary + Unbirthday giveaway

Today is my 1 year blogiversary!

Let’s all congratulate us with another cup of tea

Because November is pretty great, next week is also my birthday. Imagine that – my blogiversary and my birthday, both in the span of a week!

To celebrate my 1 year blogiversary and my birthday, I’m hosting an Unbirthday Giveaway.

Unbirthday Giveaway

This one’s going to be US only (international friends, feel free to read the fine print at the bottom of this post!) Giveaway will remain open for entries through November 30, and I’ll choose and notify a winner on December 1.

The winner will receive an Unbirthday present, which will consist of:

  • my favorite copy of Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass 
    • (if I can find another copy… because you can’t have mine!!)
  • 5-6 ARCs (all from 2018-2019, not Wonderland related)
  • a copy of Mad Hatters & March Hares edited by Ellen Datlow
  • Alice in Wonderland inspired coloring books & postcards
  • cute tea things
  • whatever else the Wonderland whimsy leads me to put in the package on the day I wrap it up
Now blow the candle out, my dears, and make your wish come true.

INT friends fine print: Giveaway is US only – unless you’re an INT person who wants to pay the difference in shipping, whatever it ends up being, in which case I’ll happily pay the $13.65 flat rate I’d be paying to ship to the US and you can PayPal me the difference, LOL. If that sounds worth it to you, then BIRTHDAY FUN FOR EVERYONE! The package would be shipping from Shoreview, MN, USA, zipcode 55126 and would contain approx 10 paperback books as well as some other fairly lightweight other items. I may end up needed to use a large flat rate envelope, in which case I’d end up paying $18.90 US flat rate, which again I’d subtract from the total shipping cost if you wanted to enter the giveaway and pay for shipping to you. Sorry I can’t be more exact about how much this thing is going to weigh, but if you wanted to pick 10ish paperbacks and a teapot (because Wonderland, right?) and put them in a box and weigh it, that should give you a good estimate for weight and allow you to estimate shipping costs to your country. 

16 thoughts on “1 Year Blogiversary + Unbirthday giveaway

  1. Happy blogiversary and early birthday, Elley! My favorite Wonderland character is probably a toss-up between the Queen of Hearts (because villains are fun) and the White Rabbit (because I identify with the time crunch).


  2. The caterpillar is great! He's such a grumpus, but in a lot of the movie versions he seems to be given a much larger and more creative part. I love how Disney gave him his own recitation of \”How Doth the Little Crocodile\” in their animated version. 🙂


  3. Thank you! 🙂 Here's hoping I don't drive myself utterly mad with this book blogging thing before the next one… I mean, any more than any other denizen of Wonderland. (Because we're all mad here…) 😉


  4. Thank you on the double happy wishes. 🙂 I love the Queen of Hearts, especially the Disney version: \”Curtsy while you're thinking – it saves time.\” (Yes, your majesty… Because that totally makes sense.)


  5. Thanks Lexi! The Cheshire Cat has always been my favorite too. I used to have a blog many moon ago, way way back in my high school days, called Cheshire Unleashed. I had a bit of a creating blogs addiction (because it was so easy with Geocities, you know) but C.U. was the one I actually updated and put stuff on. I also dressed up as the Cheshire Cat for a sci-fi/fantasy convention this summer. 🙂 It was my favorite costume because I pretty much just hung out on a stoop at a crossroads in the convention hotel and talked to people, and if their character had some sort of theme song I'd sing at as they walked by. I loved it because I could be as weird as my oddball little heart desired, and if anyone looked at me funny I'd just give them my widest Cheshire Cat grin and they'd just assume I was being in character. MWAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I am a totally normal human.


  6. Thank you AJ! And thanks for being one of the few, the proud, the marines – uh, I mean, the people who reliably comes and comments. 🙂 Some day I will get better about actually reading other peoples' blogs and check yours more reliably instead of just when you comment here… *slinks away in shame*


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