February TBR

I’m trying a new thing this year where I put together a TBR for the month. (Say whaaaat?) I’m hoping this will help me stay on top of blog tours and challenges, as well as my own reading goals. (Like reading more nonfiction… and in January I read none, LOL.)
My February TBR is a pretty split mix of books for blog tours, and then in honor of Black History Month I chose some books I’m excited about and books off my backlist by black authors or with black MCs. 

3 thoughts on “February TBR

  1. Such a great variety of genres here! I have definitely added quite a few of these books to my TBR pile for 2019. I don't want to topple your TBR pile but my first book of 2019 I finished I absolutely loved and I am telling everyone about it. The book is called \”The Winnowing\” by Patrick Garner and it's the first book of the series. The author's description on his Amazon page cracked me up – \”Greek goddesses are alive and well and living in Pennsylvania.\” (reminded me of the movie Dogma). The book really does have everything – romance, action, mythology, and more. I love the idea of goddesses having to come to contemporary America to save the world (kind of like superheroes!). I cannot wait to see what happens next in this trilogy. I really hope you will check it out. Here is the website: http://www.thewinnowing.website/ (maybe it will make it on a future list?) Happy Reading!


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