April TBR & Discussion: Do you make a monthly TBR?

TBR April

This year I’m trying something new for me and creating a TBR each month. So far I haven’t done a very good job of reading the books on my TBR, but it does help me to focus at the beginning of the month on what ARCs I’ve got out there that are releasing soon, what blog tours I’ve got coming up, and helps me keep a shortlist of books top-of-mind to choose from. So I’m going to continue the experiment for a few more months and see how it goes! Here’s my April TBR (clicking the cover will take you to the Amazon page – these are my affiliate links, so should you buy any of them I get a teensy commission, woo.)

While the above are my sort of priority list, I’ve got a few other ARCs that I didn’t add to my official list, but that I hope to get to as well:

I would LOVE if I could get through all 16 of these books this month, but with going to KissCon Weekend Affair this weekend (I’m so excited!!!) and it being Camp NaNo, I’m really aiming for at least 8 books so I have a better month than March’s total reading slump!!

Now tell me – do you set a monthly TBR for yourself? If you do, do you pretty much stick to it, or do you find yourself deviating a lot? How do you decide what’s on it? If you don’t, how to you decide what to read? (I’m a BIG mood reader, so I’m trying to have a wide range on my monthly TBR!!)

8 thoughts on “April TBR & Discussion: Do you make a monthly TBR?

  1. Good luck with your TBR! I used to make them, but they started to feel restrictive, and then I stopped following them, so there was no point in making them. Now I mostly just look at my shelf and pick whatever book looks appealing at the time.


  2. arielkirst

    I love the idea of making a TBR (not in small part because you make it look so cool on your blog!) but I always go caddywompus as far as reading goes. Find new things I’d rather read/etc. Although maybe my reading would go more smoothly if I DID have a TBR. I shall try it this month and see.


  3. I’m too much of a mood reader to make an official TBR. Instead I look at the books on my shelf, the NetGalley books I need to read and review, and the books I have out from the library. Then using a completely inexplainable logic that involves deadlines, interest, and a variety of other factors I choose what I want and need to read that month. But for the most part, every time I pick up a new book it could be anything that I have on hand.


  4. I used to do a monthly TBR but it took away from other posts I wanted to do so I changed in 2019 to doing a weekly TBR on my bulletin board post. It’s pretty fun and I have loads more time to post now. I do love having a TBR that I plan to read in my planner and I pick out my ARCs and backlist reads each month. It’s really helped me. โค Good luck reading those 16 books! I loved the Snow White and the Red Hair manga even though its a softer story and more slice of life.


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