Mini-Reviews: too many books by Pippa Grant

I know, I know – I said I was coming back from hiatus, like, a month ago. It’s not my fault, blame Pippa Grant!! I’ve been sucked into a Kindle Unlimited vortex and it won’t release me. And I’m so bad, because I mostly just write reviews for books I have ARCs/egalleys of, which means the poor KU authors go unreviewed (by me, anyway) for the most part. Mostly because the next book is RIGHT THERE and I’m more interested in reading more than I am in stopping to gather and record my thoughts. And then suddenly I’ve read 5 books and I haven’t reviewed any of them. o.O So! Here are some quick lightning reviews for all the Pippa books I’ve been reading all summer (instead of, y’know, actually blogging… heh).

A note: All of Pippa’s books are stand alones, but there’s a lot of crossover where main characters come back as side characters or side characters get their own books later. There’s no wrong order to read them in, but Pippa does have a list on her website that shows which couple is featured in each book. My method has been to read one, then go diving for the book featuring the side characters that were the funniest next.

stufStud in the Stacks – 5 stars
Kindle Unlimited

This is the book that (for me) started it all. Knox is a hot male librarian who is also a romance blogger, and believes that romance novels are for EVERYONE, it’s just a matter of matching the right book to the person. WHO DOESN’T WANT THAT?!
And then there’s Parker, who needs a fake fiancé to save face when forced to deal with an ex for business reasons. And what better place to find a fake fiancé than at a bachelor auction, right?! Enter Knox, dressed as Tarzan, and Parker is SOLD.
This book is cute, it’s hot, it’s hilarious… I need a Knox IRL. I’m glad I read this one first, because there are heroes in later books reading romance novels somewhat incongruously, and because I read Stud in the Stacks first I’m in the know as to why!


americaAmerica’s Geekheart – 5 stars
Kindle Unlimited
I liked this one so much that I actually DID write a review for it when I read it, and like it so much that I hosted an impromptu giveaway for the first two books in the series!
Check out my review here. 





flirting.jpgFlirting with the Frenemy – 5 stars
Kindle Unlimited
I am a dork and read America’s Geekheart and then went back and read this one, which is the first Shipwreck book. SO GOOD that, like I just said, I ended up having an impromptu giveaway on my blog for these books. Check out my review here. 





heroThe Hero & the Hacktivist – 3 stars
Kindle Unlimited
It’s so funny, because while I SUPER love some of Pippa’s books, some are super big misses for me. Mister McHottie was another one that was hard for me, and I think it’s because sometimes Pippa writes these super abrasive characters. I’m the type of reader where the books I enjoy most are the ones where I want to be friends with the lead characters. I have zero interest in being friends with Eloise or Rhett, thanks. Lots of really zany antics and less of what felt like real people to me in this one, so if that’s your jam maybe you’ll like it better than I did.


master.jpgMaster Baker – 4 stars
Kindle Unlimited
This one is a friends-to-enemies-to-lovers, which is a trope I totally STAN. It’s also set in Shipwreck, like my FAVORITES America’s Geekheart and Flirting with the Frenemy. Shipwreck is such a cute (and totally weird) small town and I just adore it. I liked the push and pull between Grady and Annika in this one. The way Grady talks dirty to his food is hilarious, and Annika’s little sister may well be my favorite character in this book. It also punched me right in the feels a couple of times. Beware: this book will probably make you need to pay a visit to a bakery (or five…)


charming as puckCharming as Puck – 5 stars
Kindle Unlimited
I love a good hockey romance, and I love a good best friend’s brother trope, so I knew I’d need to read Charming as Puck eventually. And oh, my gosh! Nick is hilarious, and I adore sweet-with-balls-of-steel Kami. Nick is kind of a clueless dork, but in a really lovable way, and it’s great to see him realize how totally in love with Kami he is – and the OUTRAGEOUS lengths he goes to in order to make up with her!!

I also LOVE Ares and Zeus Berger as side characters in other books in the series, so it was fun seeing them in this one. The twins are both settled in relationships in this book, so OF COURSE immediately upon finishing this I had to go back and read each of their books…


pilotThe Pilot & The Puck Up – 5 stars
Kindle Unlimited
Zeus is HILARIOUS! It was awesome to finally get to see more inside this big guy’s head, and get to know how much is going on under the surface. And then of course it gave a much closer look into his brother Zeus, which made me itch to go read Ares’ book before I was even done with this one… And then there’s Joey. OH MY LORD, Joey. She’s just absolutely perfect for Ares, and he for her, and I just love it so much. This book had me laughing my ass off.  And Zeus and Ares are from Minnesota, so, y’know, hollah. They’re this big tough dudes and basically ketchup is spicy to them, which is hilarious. There’s also a few moments that had me tearing up, like the first time they’re about to have sex has some very touching moments and I just – gah. I die. Just read it. And then go read Ares’ book too.


beautyBeauty & the Beefcake – 4.5 stars
Kindle Unlimited
I am all for some crazy, odd MCs, but Felicity takes it a BIT far. She’s basically a super genius with some, erm, interrupted social skills. I really loved getting inside Ares’ head, and learning about his hearing issues as a kid sort of made me go “whoa.” His relationship with his twin brother Zeus is SO GREAT, and I love them both to pieces. I didn’t even realize how much I wanted Ares’ story until I started reading this book. The only thing I DIDN’T like was how guys were so freakishly attracted to Felicity, for no apparent reason. It was just… odd. It was clearly just a plot device and was rather heavy-handed.


There we go, you’re all caught up! Well, for now, anyway… I’m currently reading Hosed, a book Pippa co-wrote with Lili Valentine, and I’ve got several more of her books in my TBR. I’m going to try hard to focus on all the egalleys I should be reading, but the siren song call of Pippa Grant is pretty strong.

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