Let’s Talk About: Reading (and blogging) distractions

Well, we’re two weeks into the new year. How is everyone doing on their reading/blogging New Year’s Resolutions? Because I am *struggling*, friends. I’ve read a whopping three books so far this year, one of which I read over half of in 2019 and another which was a graphic novel. I’m behind on my ARCs/egalleys for the month but still in a place where I can catch up if I push really hard – and stop getting soย distracted!

I’ve had a lot of reading distractions so far this month. I found the TV show Pose and it’s destroyed my reading time. (The first season is available on Netflix, btw, and if you haven’t watched it you DEFINITELY SHOULD.) I basically binge watched the entire 8 episode first season every evening after work when I should have been reading. Oops. And then when I realized the second season isn’t on Netflix yet I told myself I WOULD NOT BUY IT until I’d read all my egalleys due this month. … Yeah, I bought it less than a day later, haha. Oops again. I don’t normally watch much TV, but when I do find a show I like I tend to get dragged in hard.

I’ve also been playing Dungeons & Dragons a few nights a week, and I’m starting to DM a new campaign every other week. Our first session is tonight! I haven’t DM’d in, oh, probably 15 years? It’s also my first time running a premade campaign module (we’re playing Ghosts of Saltmarsh), so I’ve spent a lot of my time preparing for this campaign. A lot of it is technically still reading, but not in a way that helps me meet my goals, haha. There’s also the 5 or so hours I spend prepping/traveling/playing with my Tuesday night group, and then the 3-4 hours I spend playing with my Wednesday night groups (both groups alternate weeks). So that’s basically two nights a week that I don’t get any reading done.

And then there’s also, you know, my full time job and family. My boys (ages 3 and 5) like to have some interaction with Mommy time too, and sometimes I’ve got to sit down and paint with them or play Nerf wars. ๐Ÿ˜€

I have to keep reminding myself that reading (and blogging!) is supposed to be fun, and if I’d rather do something else (like watchย Pose or actually interact with people to play some games, that’s awesome and totally valid. It’s okay to be distracted!

What are the things that distract you from reading and/or blogging? And do you resent those distractions, or embrace them?


9 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About: Reading (and blogging) distractions

    1. Babies are a VERY large distraction, that’s for sure! I’m sorry you weren’t feeling well – that’s not a fun way to kick off the year. :/ I hope you’re feeling better now!


  1. nikkiswiftreads

    Luckily I got out of DMing, as I played similar RP games as well which took up a lot of time and energy to the point where I didn’t read at all. But now, my work life is so stressful and I work so many hours that sometimes I get home and just want to zone out watching a TV show I’ve seen five hundred times. I’m working on that, though!

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    1. Ugh, Iโ€™m sorry your work life is stressful! Sometimes you just have to chill out to watching the first season of Supernatural or Veronica Mars for the 80th time. (Those are my go-toโ€™s, haha.)


  2. I’m so terrible for getting distracted! Mostly it’s by my phone though, because it’s just always there, and I mean to check one thing, and an hour later I’m still sat there scrolling on Twitter rather than reading a book or doing some writing.

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  3. I’m frequently distracted. I think at the moment my biggest distraction is school. When I’m in the middle of a semester that’s all I can think about. Blogging is one of the first things to fall to the wayside, and sometimes reading gets ignored as well. But I’ve started to make peace with the fact that I want to do the things I’ll enjoy, and if blogging or reading will make me stressed during an already overwhelming time in my life, then it’s okay to take a break until I have the time.

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