Book Review: Bound for Glory by Tess LeSue

bfgBound for Glory

Author: Tess LeSue
Series: Frontiers of the Heart, book 4
Publisher: Berkley Books (December 3, 2019)
Paperback, 384 pages
Romance, Adult, Historical Romance
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An unwilling legend and the woman who made him one face off in this epic conclusion to the Frontiers of the Heart series.

He has many names. They call him Deathrider, White Wolf, The Plague of the West. He’s the ice-eyed killer of the plains; the ghost of the trail; the restless spirit who haunts the frontier from California to Missouri, leaving a trail of bodies in his wake. They say he seeks vengeance for his murdered people; they say he never sleeps; they say he moves silently through the night and changes form to run with the wolves. And that he is as beautiful as Lucifer.

At least, so they say. Ava Archer wouldn’t know; she’s never seen him. But that doesn’t stop her from writing about him. The Plague of the West is her bread and butter, and after more than a dozen dime novels, she thinks she probably knows Deathrider better than he knows himself, even if she wouldn’t recognize him on the street. If only rumors of his death would stop getting in the way of a good story….

Those damn stories make Nathaniel Rides With Death’s life an absolute misery. Thanks to his unwanted notoriety, he’s hunted like an animal by an endless stream of gunslingers looking to make a name for themselves. When someone close to Nate is shot by one of the gunslingers, Nate decides it’s time to hunt down the novelist at the root of all his troubles. He has a plan to end this farce once and for all…


I adore a good enemies to lovers romance, and a mistaken identities trope, and this book has BOTH!

I was really glad to FINALLY get Deathrider’s story, after basically falling in love with him in the first books in the series. It was also really fun to read about Ava, aka A.A. Archer, the novelist who’s been writing penny dreadfuls about the worst of the west – including Deathrider! He’s gotten into a lot of hot water about the misinformation she’s printed in her stories about him, so he’s got a right to be angry. And Ava is so fierce yes with this marshmallow center, I just adore her. She cannonballs through life and is sooooort of a completely destructive force of nature, but she doesn’t mean to screw up the lives of basically all the people she writes about, haha. And one thing I really admire is as soon as she learns that she’s ignorant or damaging in some way, she takes immediate action to educate herself and course correct.

Their interactions in the desert before they know who the other one is are just excellent. And then once one of them learns the other’s identity while the other party is still in the dark… OOOH BOY. (Sorry, that’s a weird sentence but it’s SO FUN that I don’t want to spoil who figures it out first!)

I didn’t love how the timeline of the opening chapters skipped around so much. There’s a present day chapter, then 1 month earlier (than present day), then 3 days later (than the 1 month earlier), then 2 days earlier (than the 3 days later)… and it got to be kind of confusing as to where we were in the timeline. Thankfully it settled down after those opening chapters! I also didn’t love the epilogue, which basically has all the characters and significant side characters from the first three books smashed into some weirdness I didn’t really care about and that baaaaaarely touched on the main story. Basically if you haven’t read the first three books in the series, you can completely skip the epilogue because it’s not integral to the main book.

Deathrider’s father, Two Bears, might have been my favorite character in this book, and there’s a bit with Ava and Two Bears and some haggling with ponies that is HILARIOUS, but I really can’t say any more than that without spoiling things, so you’ll just have to read it yourself!

This is the fourth book in the Frontiers of the Heart series, and while it can technically be read as a stand alone there are a LOT of spoilers for the first three books. You’re really better off reading this one in order if you don’t want to have basically all of the major plot points for the first three books spoiled. However, if you don’t care about that aspect, you can read this as a stand alone without the background of the earlier books in the series and get along just fine.

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