Blogger Spotlight: Ezrah @ I Heart Romance

Hello and welcome to my new Blogger Spotlight series. I don’t get as much time as I’d like to go visiting blogs, so when I do make time there are a few blogs I really love that I try to make sure to visit. I’d like to share some of those blogs (and their bloggers) with y’all, as well as some of my favorite posts. 🙂

The first blogger I’d like to shine a big, bright light on is Ezrah @ I Heart Romance.


As someone who reads primarily romance, I feel like I see a LOT of blogs centered around YA and/or Fantasy, but I don’t see many romance-centric blogs out there. (Am I just not looking in the right places?) Ezrah’s blog has a ton of really great variety, from book reviews to discussion posts to a great section on romance recs. Also, the graphics and aesthetics on her blog are basically #goals.

First off, if you’ve never been to I Heart Romance, take a moment to check out the About Me page and learn a little bit about Ezrah (and her adorable cats, Twylah and Pixie Gail).

Ezrah has a HUGE selection of adult romance recs, divided into categories by historical romance, contemporary romance, sports, fantasy, romantic suspense, paranormal, and steampunk. She’s also got recs for YA and New Adult.

ihrya-rrb-beth-b-her-booksOne of the great recurring features on I Heart Romance is the Read A Romance Blog, where she features different romance bloggers! This series of posts links up to various other romance-centric bloggers in some fun interview posts. I haven’t checked out this feature very thoroughly yet, but I’ve definitely got plans to read through a bunch of these posts to find some more romance blogs to follow! One of my favorite posts is when she featured Beth @ B And Her Books. I follow Beth on Twitter and she is SUCH a bad influence on my TBR, haha.

The Budget Bookworm feature is really great, where Ezrah shares posts on things like where to find free reads, reviews the Audible romance package, and talks about her favorite library apps. I’m hoping she adds more to this feature!

All those goodies aside, my favorite part of Ezrah’s blog are her discussion posts. I’m not going to get too deep into it, I’m just going to link up to a few of my favorite posts. Some of them have information on really useful tools, tips, and tricks, and others are great for just pure entertainment value.

ihrya-romance-tropes     ihrya-digital-tracker

ihrya-romance-buzz-words     ihrya-bookish-tips-anime

She’s got a LOT of really great discussion posts, so make sure you check them out.

And that’s it for my first Blogger Spotlight! What did you think? What other types of information would you like to see when I share posts about my favorite blogs?


3 thoughts on “Blogger Spotlight: Ezrah @ I Heart Romance

  1. Hi Elley! Thank you so much for featuring me! This was such a surprise!

    I follow a lot of romance readers in Instagram.since they are mostly active on there, but a majority of them have a blog! There are a few romance-centric blogs, but I agree that YA is more prevalent in the blogosphere!

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    1. Thank YOU for having such an awesome blog, haha. Yeah, I feel like I can find more romance readers on Instagram (which I don’t use a ton) and Twitter (which I DO!) but actual blogs tend to run more toward YA – and a lot of new release, majorly-hyped YA at that. Then again, I don’t spend a TON of time digging into blogs either, so I’m sure there are other great romance-centric ones out there!! 🙂

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