Giveaway! Blind dates with books!

Giveaway! Blind dates with books!

Ahh, February. The season of love. This Valentine’s Day, forget sexy yet restrictive clothing, forget poking yourself in the eye with a mascara wand, forget long lines and crowds in restaurants. This year, celebrate V-Day with a blind date… with a book.

Light Pink Valentine's Twitter Post

I was weeding my TBR bookcases (yes, CASES – as in multiple shelves per case, multiple cases per me… It’s not hoarding if it’s books!) and noticed I have a LOT of romance. Most of it is brand new, never read, in perfect condition… They’re books I got on sale, books I bought because I liked the cover, books I bought when I was going through a trope phase that I just don’t care for any longer… And I thought, Hey. Why not give away some of these great romances to people who could use a little love this Valentine’s Day?

I’m going to send at least 3 “blind date book bundles” out to lucky winners. I’m running this giveaway on my Twitter and Instagram accounts as well as here on my blog, and I’ll choose at least 1 winner from each platform to send a small bundle of romance books to. I’ve bundled them up into neat little piles of adult contemporary romance, adult historical romance, and YA contemporary romance. I may choose more winners, depending on which categories my first set of winners pick, how many more books I week out before I close this contest, how many books I decide to put in each bundle… It’s a Valentine’s surprise!

To enter:

* follow my blog via WordPress, email, or Bloglovin’
* comment on this post with which type of blind date you’d like – adult contemporary, adult historical, or YA contemporary

(Please include some way to contact you in your comment – your Twitter or Instgram handle if your method of commenting is not linked to your email. If I can’t contact you, you can’t win!)

40% off

At least three (3) winners will receive a bundle of at least three books including new, used in good condition, and possibly ARCs. I’ve got a couple signed copies of books in here. Some have stickers (like from Thriftbooks) or a black mark (from BookOutlet) on them. They’re all in at least GOOD condition.

Giveaway will close on February 9th, and winners will be shipped their books on February 10th via Media Mail. US only (sorry, I just can’t afford international shipping right now!)

Pop over to my Twitter and Instagram accounts for more entries!


5 thoughts on “Giveaway! Blind dates with books!

    1. Hey Linda! You’re my winner! Can you reach out to me via my Contact page or let me know your Twitter or Instagram username so I can reach out to you to claim your prize?


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