#SapphicSeptember Readathon – rules, activities, prizes

What is Sapphic September?

For the month of September, focus on reading books with Sapphic or wlw characters and themes (enby included!)

OK, but what’s a “sapphic” book?

According to the dictionary?

Learn to pronounce

  1. FORMAL•HUMOROUSrelating to lesbians or lesbianism.”sapphic lovers”
  2. relating to Sappho or her poetry.

What does this mean for #SapphicSeptember? Any book with woman or femme main characters who love other woman/femme main characters. While a lot of my recs are going to end up being romances (because let’s be real, that’s primarily what I read!) they don’t have to be romance genre or even have the romance be a central plot point.

Non-romance books I’d consider as “counting” include Cinderella is Dead by Kalynn Bayron and The Dark Tide by Alicia Jasinska. Whereas Boyfriend Material by Alexis Hall wouldn’t count because it’s the mother of the MC who is in the sapphic relationship (I think? Did I just read too much into their relationship? Maybe it’s just me…)

Do the main characters have to be lesbians?

Nope! They can be lesbian, bi, pan, ace, transwomen, transfemme, feminine identifying nonbinary and genderfluid… Does the main character identify as a woman or femme? Do they have a love interest that also identifies as a woman or femme? Cool, you’re good to go.

Book Recs, Blog Posts, & More

I hope you’re excited about #SapphicSeptember and will want to post about your TBR, your massive pile of recs (I’m looking at you, Sylwia…), think pieces or discussion posts about all manner of topics related to this theme. Think outside of the box! I think my BFF Ariel is planning to post a playlist (pleeeeeease Ariel?)

If you do make a blog post, booktube video, or Twitter thread about something related to this readathon, post the link in the comments here or on Twitter using #SapphicSeptember amd tag me (@elleyotter). Every Friday I’ll make a round-up post with all the links I can find so you can see what others are reading, find some great books to read next, engage in discussion with this community… 

Plus, participating by posting on the platform of your choice gets you a chance to WIN PRIZES… 


Come on, you know how Bingo works. Books have to fit the criteria for being sapphic like we talked about above. A book can be used for any number of spaces. So Cinder Ella by S.T. Lynn would count for a new-to-me author, realistic cover, POC main character, fairy tale retelling, trans main character… 5 across, up-and-down, or diagonal counts as a BINGO! And the bingo prize is really cool… 

Enter to win a participation prize by posting a blog, booktube video, or Twitter thread.
Post the link using #SapphicSeptember on Twitter and tag @elleyotter (or in the comments of this post).
Each blog/booktube/thread post using the hashtag will be one automatic entry to win!
3 winners will receive a book of their choice shipped directly from Amazon (US) or Book Depository (International). Winners will be notified via Twitter and will be contacted via DM to claim their prize.
If you do not have Twitter, please include some way to contact you when posting your link in the comments of this post so I can find you if you win!
Complete bingo card with 5 in a row across, up and down, or diagonal.
Send spaces and books used to complete them via DM to @elleyotter on Twitter or Instagram.
Each “bingo” will count for one entry. May submit up to 12 entries, one for each unique bingo!
1 winner will receive their choice of LGBT+ Armory enamel pin from FoxFlightStudios
Winner will choose their pin and it will be shipped directly from FoxFlightStudios’ Etsy shop (US only)

That’s it – that’s the post.

If you’ve got questions or comments, let me know in the comments section below!

Also, if I’ve made a mistake or included language that is in any way harmful, please, PLEASE let me know. It’s nobody’s job but my own to educate myself, and I’m asking for some grace if I’ve gotten something wrong. My goal is to be as inclusive as possible while still keeping the focus on femme folks.

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