Halloween Creatures Book Tag

It’s been a LONG WHILE since I did a book tag, and I saw this over on Books Are 42 and it looked fun so I thought I’d give it a go! Without further ado, the Halloween Creatures Book Tag (or Booooooooook Tag, if you’d rather, lol).

* Follow the Categories
* You Must Be Honest
* You Must Answer All Questions to the Best of Your Ability
* You Must Tag At Least 3 People
* Have Fun!
* Credit Would be Greatly Appreciated!

Witches: A Book or Character that is Magical

For me, when I think of magic I think of Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones. Wizards, witches, fire demons, curses, seven league boots, magical swamplands… What’s not to love? And if you’ve seen the movie but never read the book, PLEASE read the book! They made so many changes that the movie loses a lot of the charm and intricacy of the book. I know we always say the book was better, but… well, it’s true: the book is better.

Mummies: A Book or Character You Can’t Wrap Your Mind Around

I… can’t wrap my mind around this prompt, haha. Like someone I don’t understand at all? Um… Patrick Bateman in American Psycho.

Vampires: A Book, Series, or Author You Can’t Live Without

I will always and forever love the Five Hundred Kingdoms series and the Elemental Masters series by Mercedes Lackey. Even though I haven’t read the last several Elemental Masters since they got all weird and Sherlock-y instead of fairy tale based… I still go back and reread many of these books.

Werewolves: A Book Best Reading at the Middle of the Night

Really anything that makes me want to keep reading past my bedtime. I don’t really do spooky books, so for me these are mostly romances that are really good. OH. OOOOOHHHHHHHHH…. I didn’t mean that in a dirty way? I absolutely do not read romance in the middle of night for the sexy bits. Nope, not me.

Zombies: A Book You Picked Up for the 2nd Time or Continued after DNFing it

Does it count if I keep picking it up and still can’t finish it? I must have picked up The Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R. Tolkien at least half a dozen times, and I get maybe halfway before throwing it against the wall and reading something without an entire chapter about a hill.

Ghosts: A Character You Saw Right Through or a Book You Easily Predicted a Twist or the Ending

I read a lot of genre romance, sooooo… There are sort of a lot of the same tropes, and you know the main characters are going to end up together in the end. Does that count?

Frankenstein: A Book that Truly Shocked You

Rebel that I am, I am changing what the Frankenstein prompt means for me. Frankenstein – a book that made you piece your heart back together with tape. Work For It by Talia Hibbert shattered by heart into a thousand pieces and is one of my favorite books ever. If you want to sob your eyes out and clutch your chest in agony, go read this book. And the best part is, it’s a romance novel so you know it has a happily ever after. Hands down THE BEST mental illness rep I’ve read, ever.

Skeletons: A Book or Character that Chilled You to the Bone or got your Funny Bone

Not a specific character but a TYPE of character that always gets my funny bone a’giggling is the eccentric older lady. Maybe she’s an aunt or a grandma, maybe she’s a neighbor, but she’s that one on the sidelines meddling and getting the main couple to be thrown into situations that force them together. Usually has blue or purple hair, outrageous glasses, and at least one cat. I aspire to be this woman when I grow up.

Ghouls: A Book that Left You Hungry or a Recipe You Want to Try from a Book

Look, if the book is talking about food, I immediately desire to eat that food. Period.

Goblins: A Greedy Character or a Character that Loves Gold and Jewelry

All I can think of is my spouse’s character in the D&D campaign we’re playing right now. Snog is a goblin ranger with middle-management aspirations that will do anything for gold (especially if he can outsource the work to someone else to do while he sits back and collects said gold). He literally traded platinum for gold on a 1:1 coin ratio at one point, he is that dumb and likes gold that much. Sorry books, you done been beat.

Devil: A Dark, Evil Character


Grim Reaper: A Character You Loved or Hated that Died

SUPER SPOILER FOR THE LAST HERALD MAGE TRILOGY BY MERCEDES LACKEY – YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!! Stop reading right now if you haven’t read this trilogy and want to. Did you stop reading yet? No going back… I sobbed for DAYS when Vanyel died. DAYS. And then of course I reread the entire trilogy so I could cry more. Ahhh, teenage Elley…

ScarecrowsA Book or Character that Scares You

I don’t really do horror or thrillers – except for one of my favorite books, Into the Drowning Deep by Mira Grant, which I throw at everyone’s heads while screeching at them to read it. Murder mermaids. What? You haven’t read it? *throws book at your head* GO READ IT RIGHT NOW!

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6 thoughts on “Halloween Creatures Book Tag

  1. FLIPPING about the inclusion of Howl’s Moving Castle. I hope they redo the audiobook because it’s so horrible but I want to reread this book every year!

    American Psycho is a good choice. I can’t wrap my mind about the author pretending to be bi or some shit? And Rules of Attraction was a fave for me during HS.

    I promise to read a Mercedes Lackey novel for you. I added Arrows of the Queen to my TBR.

    LMAO you dirty perv (jk tho you are a Scorpio so)

    I made the mistake of stopping halfway through The Hobbit and putting it down when I was actually enjoying it, and I wasn’t able to get back into it. Those books are only popular because of the time they were written in. He got lucky.

    Your ghosts answer does NOT count! You have to go with a thriller or something!

    Ooo love your change of Frankenstein and I will add Work For It to my TTBR since that’s what the author did to me with Get a Life, Chloe Brown.

    Re: Skeleton. Um. Awkward. But do you realize this is LITERALLY ME? Aquarius the ultimate quirky old mentor trope. I knew I was your favorie. Shh, don’t tell the others.

    You didn’t even mention a food and I want a food now. Thanks.

    Do they even have “goblins” in books? I thought these money-hungry monsters only existed in real life.

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO okay but yes. Dumbledore is my faaavorite exactly because he is the ultimate piece of shit lmao. Along with Snape. Faves forever.

    ty for he spoiler; I skipped


    I know you put me last to throw everyone off the scent since we established today I am your favorite.

    Excellent post!


    1. 1) YES, Arrows of the Queen is so good, I love Talia and Dirk. CW for really horrible stuff in the second (I think?) book – torture, rape – it’s bad.
      2) Re: my ghost category answer – you can’t tell me what to do! Neener neener.
      3) SHHHHHHH don’t tell.
      4) I’m glad you skipped the spoiler because YOU SHOULD READ THE LAST HERALD MAGE TRILOGY. Though Magic’s Pawn was my very first Mercedes Lackey book and I can’t promise it will hold up to the test of time… I will do a buddy read with you if you want!!
      and finally 5) I put you last because I stole the list of links from your blog and then added you, MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

      Liked by 1 person

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