TTT: Books I Hope Santa Brings

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This week’s prompt is:

Books I Hope Santa Brings

This entire list is kind of moot, because Santa just doesn’t bring me books. Like, hardly ever. I’m still waiting on my #TBTBSanta package, so there should be some books in there!! But those are likely the only books I’ll receive this Christmas. Well, physical books – I’ve already had some friends kindly send me Kindle books! ๐Ÿ™‚ My family seems to think I have “too many books,” whatever that means. I don’t know, sounds fake. Anyway, in a dream-world Christmas, there are the top ten books I’d hope Santa would leave under my tree!

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue by V.E. Schwab

I just read my first bit of writing by V.E. Schwab in the A Universe of Wishes anthology, and now I want to read EVERYTHING by her. If Santa doesn’t bring me this one for Christmas, I’m going to have to buy it myself because my friend Patricia is waiting to buddy read it with me!

The Awakening by Nora Roberts

I like Nora in that she will come and lay the smackdown on folks, but I haven’t actually read much by her. After the big controversy on BookTwitter about this one (thanks DEBRA), I clearly need to read this now!

The Book of Stones: Who They Are & What They Teach by Robert Simmons & Naisha Ashlan

Whaaaaaaat, a nonfiction book?! I’m really into crystals recently and this book was recommended while I was doing some research as being really great.

The Labyrinth replica

This is a novelization of the movie The Labyrinth made as a replica of the book Sarah has in the film. My friend Harker got it recently and I’m SO JEALOUS!!!! I saw it first, Harker!!

Alice by Christina Henry (UK version)

I want to read ALL THE BOOKS by Christina Henry, but I haven’t yet because I absolutely hate the US covers. (They’re so ugly, they make me want to puke.) The UK covers are gorgeous and I really want to read Alice – and if it’s good, buy the rest of this series and her other fairy tale books in their UK covers as well, haha.

Vicious by V.E. Schwab

As I mentioned early, I’m just starting to get into reading V.E. Schwab’s books. I bought the entire Shades of Magic series and am working my way through that first, but this one is on my radar next – because SUPERHEROES!

How To Catch a Queen by Alyssa Cole

I loved Alyssa Cole’s Reluctant Royals series, and I am SO EXCITED for this first book in her newest series! Plus, look at that cover!! *heart eyes*

Half A Soul by Olivia Atwater

I don’t actually remember how this book came onto my radar, but it’s a Regency fantasy romance so, like, yes. Plus, it’s billed as Pride & Prejudice meets Howl’s Moving Castle, soooo…. more yes.

Deal with the Elf King by Elise Kova

When this first came out she released what I think was a limited hardcover edition with really beautiful binding and endpapers, and I WANTS IT. But it was pretty expensive, for a book I could read for free on KU, so I’ll settle for a paperback copy… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Harleen by Stjepan Sejic

I collect Harley Quinn comics and this one looks EPIC.

Does your family (or Santa) give you books for Christmas? What would your Top Ten look like? Let me know in the comments, or link me to your post!

5 thoughts on “TTT: Books I Hope Santa Brings

  1. RS

    I don’t know much about the movie, but that edition of Labyrinth sounds really cool. I love practical replicas from film like that. And it seems like it would make a really cool gift for someone, too.


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