Book Review: Ima Koi: Now I’m in Love Vol. 1 by Ayuko Hatta

Ima Koi: Now I’m in Love Vol. 1

Author: Ayuko Hatta
Publisher: VIZ Media (March 1, 2022)
Paperback, 192 pages
Comics & Graphic Novels, Manga


Sometimes the greatest romantic adventure isn’t falling in love—it’s what happens after you fall in love!

After missing out on love and dating because she was too shy to confess her feelings, high school student Satomi blurts out how she feels the next time she gets a crush—and it’s to her impossibly handsome schoolmate Yagyu! To her surprise, he agrees to date her. Now that Satomi’s suddenly in a relationship, what next?

Even though she can hardly believe it, Satomi is dating Yagyu. Being in love as part of a couple is now Satomi’s everyday reality. With how fast everything has gone and with Satomi still clueless about how dating is supposed to work, can she actually enjoy being in love?


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

This is a cute high school slice of life manga about a girl who’s determined to sieze her chance when she develops a crush. To her surprise, he accepts! This manga is about this couple figuring out the way their relationship works, and is just a cute, fluffy read. Honestly, the biggest draw for this manga is the hero, Yagyu, who is totally swoony. The only downside to this manga is that they get together so easily and then Yagyu is so perfect and intent on having clear, drama-free communication that there’s just… no DRAMA there. Still, a fun, quick, cute read for when you need some comfort fluff.

A digital ARC of this book was provided by the publisher via Edelweiss+ for review. All opinions are unbiased and my own.

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