Book Review: Roommate Arrangement by Saxon James

Roommate Arrangement

Author: Saxon James
Series: Divorced Men’s Club, book 1
Publisher: May Books (January 12, 2022)
Paperback, 287 pages
Romance, Adult contemporary romance, M/M romance


In search of: room to rent.
Must ignore the patheticness of a forty-year-old roommate.
Preferably dirt cheap as funds are tight (nonexistent).

There’s nothing sadder than moving back to my hometown newly divorced, homeless, and lost for what my next move is.

When my little brother’s best friend offers me a place to stay in exchange for menial duties, I swallow my pride and jump at the offer.

I need this.

I also need Beau to wear a shirt. And ditch the gray sweatpants. And not leave his door ajar when he’s in compromising positions …

In search of: roommate.
Must be non smoker and non douchebag.
Room payment to be made in meal planning, repairs, and dumb jokes.

Since my career took off, I barely have time to breathe, let alone keep my life in order. I’m naturally chaotic, make terrible decisions, and scare off potential dates with my “weirdness”.

So when Payne gets back into town and needs somewhere to stay, I offer him my spare room with one condition: while he’s staying with me, I need him to help me become date-able.

And while he does that, I can focus on my other plan: ignoring that Payne is the only man I’ve ever wanted to date.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Ahhhhhhhhh *immediately gets the next book*

OK, not that I’ve inhaled the next book (Platonic Rulebook), I’ll take a moment to come back and review this one, haha. I’ve had this book on my Kindle since it released, and for some reason never picked it up until the cute illustrated paperback cover came out… So then I bought it in paperback (despite owning it digitally already, yes, I know) and DEVOURED IT. (I did read the next book digitally because it did not, at the time of reading, have a cute illustrated cover, but when it does I want to buy the entire matching set).

I LOVE this book. I can’t even words how much I love it. Part of the reason I took a while to pick it up as because of the series name and premise – Divorced Men’s Club. Did I really want to read about a bunch of divorcés? Turns out yes, I really did – joke’s on me!

I fell head over heels for Beau from moment one. Payne is great too, but Beau is the one who really shone for me in this book (possibly because I am somewhat weird myself?). Payne main attraction for me was in how patient with and accepting of Beau he is, and how he doesn’t think Beau needs to “fix” anything about himself. Beau feeling that way just broke my dang heart.

The slow bloom of their relationship is so lovely. From the almost LIFETIME of longing on Beau’s part, to Payne’s anger and pain from his ending relationship and wanting to be sure he doesn’t do anything to hurt his little brother’s best friend. Did I mention I love a best friend’s brother/brother’s best friend trope? Because I dooooooo! And the way Saxon James writes the other interlinked relationships outside of the main romantic one is just amazing – Payne has his sort of found family of the Divorced Men’s Club, and there’s both Payne and Beau’s relationship with Payne’s brother Marty as well.

I loved this book so much I immediately picked up the second book in the series, Platonic Rulebook, and blew through that and now I’m BIG MAD the third book, Budding Attraction, doesn’t come out until NOVEMBER! Each book can be read as a standalone, but they are interlinked in that the DMC group chat fellas all talk about their love lives. 😉

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