Book Review: Platonic Rulebook by Saxon James

Platonic Rulebook

Author: Saxon James
Series: Divorced Men’s Club, book 2
Publisher: May Books (June 15, 2022)
Kindle edition, 274 pages
Romance, Adult contemporary romance, M/M romance


Walking away from my marriage was my idea of a fresh start.
My kid is in college, my ex-wife and I are on good terms … but being single in my forties is a world different to being single in my teens.
I’m thankful for my best friend, Heath. He’s got my back like he always does and is ready to take me out and show me how the bachelor life is done.
He was never supposed to show me literally.
After we wake up in bed together, I can’t stop looking at him differently, and one thing becomes abundantly clear.
I talk a big talk about wanting to be single, but my platonic rule book has gone out the window.

When my best friend comes to me for help post-divorce, I’m only too happy to impart my wisdom to him.
After all, Griffin isn’t my type, but even I can tell he’s a complete lumbersnack. Good with his hands, kind eyes, and a killer smile. All the guys and gals are gonna eat him alive.
But the more time we spend together, the less “not my type” he becomes. I’m the one who can’t get enough of him.
Neither of us is interested in a relationship, so what’s a little fun between friends?
We both know the score.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

So a large part of the reason I picked up this series is because Felix, Griff’s son, is one of the main characters in the second Franklin U book, The Dating Disaster. Griff and Heath make a brief appearance in his book, and I just had to go back and read about how they got together. It was also super fun seeing a younger Felix!

Friends to lovers can be a sort of take it or leave it trope for me, so I was so glad when the progression of the relationship between Griff and Heath really clicked for me. Saxon James takes what I think is a really interesting approach to this well-worn trope. Many times it’s a case of one of the leads having been into the other for a long while, and maybe the other lead is oblivious to it or thinks he’s straight or whatever. In Platonic Rulebook, Griff and Heath have been best friends for decades and neither has ever thought about the other in a sexual or romantic light… until suddenly they do.

Their chemistry and relationship are so fun to read as they progress and try to fumble their way through the way things are evolving. And I just love when they try to resist, haha!

This is the second book in the Divorced Men’s Club series, and can be read as a stand-alone. That being said, definitely read the first book, Roommate Arrangement, because it will make Griff’s (fake?) thirsting over Beau that much funner. 😉 Also, I NEED book three (Budding Attraction) in my face RIGHT NOW, PLEASE.

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