Book Review: Mr. Romance by Louisa Masters (Franklin U #3)

Mr. Romance

Author: Louisa Masters
Series: Franklin U, book 3
Publisher: Independent (September 8, 2022)
Kindle edition, 273 pages
Romance, New Adult Contemporary Romance


When you’re clueless, Mr. Romance can help.

I’m not sure how it happened, but it turns out I’ve unknowingly been dating three people.
Friends don’t spoil other friends, apparently. My trust fund means I can afford to, though, and what’s a meal here and there? Or some clothes? Or textbooks? That doesn’t mean we’re dating, right?
Others disagree. If I want to get through the rest of college knowing who my friends are, I need help from someone who knows all about dating and can tell me what not to do.
Someone like Mr. Romance.

When people look at me, romance is the last thing they think of… but I’m still the first person they call. Need a first date planned? A big romantic moment? Gotta beg for forgiveness? I’m your man. When it comes to romance, I’ve got it handled.
Not personally, though. My romantic life is… barren. All I really want is someone to snuggle with and spoil me. What I’ve got is planning dates for people who have no clue about romancing someone.
But now I’m somehow Charlie Martin’s anti-romance consultant. Charlie, who’s completely clueless yet the most accepting and friendly person I’ve ever met. Who’s giving and generous. Who’s befriended me and wants me to be happy.
I’m supposed to help him stop his friends from falling for him. The last thing I need is to fall for him myself.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Guh, this book. This entire series so far has been absolute fire, and this third book did not disappoint. This is the first book I’ve read by Louisa Masters and upon finishing it I immediately went and added, well, most of her backlist to my TBR. (RIP, my TBR…) That’s one of the things I love best about series like this – I get to discover new-to-me authors, often with fairly extensive backlists that can tide me over until the next book in the series comes out. 😉

This book gave me all the feels. I, er, may have woken up stayed up too late reading it on release date, and then when I woke up to go to the bathroom at 2 am I picked it up again and accidentally stayed up til 5 am finishing it. (Ooops, gonna be a rough work day today…)

I loved seeing Liam in his role as Mr. Romance in Felix and Marshall’s book (#FUKings book 2, The Dating Disaster) and I was excited to see his book was next!! He is even BETTER in this book as a lead (which is frankly super fitting for him, haha!) I love that he’s not conventionally handsome, but Charlie has plenty of things he finds VERY attractive about him. I also really like that Charlie is far from perfect, but he’s such a guilessly charming himbo you can’t NOT love him (which I suppose is the basis of his problems… poor big lug). There were so many times I wanted to just give both Liam and Charlie big hugs and tell them everything will be okay. Liam is so clever and witty and sharp while being very romantic and idealistic, it’s a really great mix of traits that make for an interesting person. He is such a romantic and plans these gorgeous, thoughtful, romantic dates and moments for other people, and all the while feels rather unloved and unwanted in his own life, and like he’s ready to be the romantic lead in one of those movie moments. And then Charlie… Oh Charlie. Sometimes he seems a little TOO dense, like dude – COME ON – but that’s just Charlie.

The chemistry between Charlie and Liam wasn’t as chili fire hot as some other romances, there was a lot more comfort and longing than HEAT for a good portion of the book. Which I, as a sucker for a mutual pining book, love like it’s my catnip. And especially about halfway through the book when things start getting a little to real for one of them – guh, my heart. I may have teared up a couple of times, who can say.

I not only fell immediately in love with Liam and Charlie, I fell head over heels for several of the side characters. I begged Louisa Masters on Twitter to tell me Liam’s friends Ian and Matt have a book. (They do not have a book TOGETHER, but the author assures me she has PLANS for books for them both.) Also even though they’re not on the page for very long, I definitely made the Ghostly Guardians series (Kieran and Connor’s book is the second in the series) and the Joy Universe series (Derek’s book is book one) to the very top of my TBR! It helped me pick a direction for which of her series to start with first, haha. I LOVE when authors have side characters from books show up as the leads in other series!! Eden Finley and Saxon James do this a lot (and if you love those two, you’ll love Louisa Masters as well!)

This is the third book in the Franklin U series. The FUKings books are all standalones set in the same universe and each written by a different author. As the blurb in the front matter says, “You don’t need to read the other to enjoy this one (though you should, because they’re awesome).” Can confirm 10/10 are awesome.

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