Book Review: Total Fabrication by Saxon James

Total Fabrication

Author: Saxon James
Publisher: Newsletter exclusive
Kindle edition, 75 pages
Romance, New Adult Contemporary Romance


When Jace and Blake are accepted onto Total Fabrication, it’s supposed to be easy. Renovate a house, take out the win, walk away with the money. Reconstruction is what they do on the daily–even the reality TV aspect can’t throw them.

But there’s just one little problem.

Jace and Blake are the show’s token gay couple …

Who aren’t actually a couple at all.

Telling anyone they broke up is the blueprint for disaster, but with one poorly-timed video, two nosey contestants, and a shit ton of sexual tension, can they really keep up the illusion of the relationship they totally fabricated?

Or is it destined to the one thing they demolish and can’t rebuild?


Rating: 5 out of 5.

I spent this ENTIRE novella with tears pricking at the back of my eyes and clutching my chest over my heart. These two dummies… *sniffle sigh*

This is a short novella that I wish had been longer and part of a series. I would totally read a M/M romance series centered around reality TV shows, HINT HINT SAXON JAMES… 😉 Anyway! I was very invested in what the heck was going on with Jace and Blake from page one, and I LOVE the dynamic of recent exes who are basically forced into fake dating (and forced proximity, too!) This was a fun, fairly light-hearted read that I wish was longer just because it was so good. 🙂 And for being under 100 pages this book sure punched me right in the feels. I felt a sob catching in the back of my throat, waiting to burst out, through most of it, and that’s impressive to get a reader so invested in such a short time!

This is a totally stand-alone novella that you can get by subscribing to Saxon James’ newsletter. To my knowledge the characters don’t link to any of her other series, but knowing Saxon… *shrug*

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