Book Review: The Death God’s Sacrifice by Jenny Nordback

The Death God’s Sacrifice

Author: Jenny Nordback
Series: Peculiar Tastes, book 1
Publisher: Independent (October 4, 2022)
Kindle, 148 pages
Romance, Fantasy romance


I was a monster so they didn’t have to be…

Stheno the Fierce is the most feared of slayers, a Gorgon assassin sent to hunt terrifying beasts, but when her sister is kidnapped, she’s forced to hunt a monster even she fears in order to get her back. The Dark Druid is a mysterious and powerful recluse who demands a human sacrifice each year to perform a ritual that drops the veil between the realms for Samhain. Stheno volunteers to be his sacrifice to get close enough to slay him with her lethal curse, but finds he’s harder to kill than she could’ve imagined.

The Death God’s Sacrifice is a spicy standalone monster romance perfect for spooky season, set in the shared world of the Peculiar Tastes series. CWs can be found at the beginning of the book.

It’s that time of year, friends. The moon is full and Samhain approaches. Your invitation to the Shadow Market is here. Three days of magic, drama, seduction, and maybe just a dash of human sacrifice! Come through the portal and meet witches, demons, gorgons, mermaids, the fae, and even the odd human who’s gotten turned around and ended up somewhere they shouldn’t.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Oh. My. Gods. This book!!! I’m not even sure where to start with a review because it’s so good I want to just shout “IT’S SO GOOD!” and my brain won’t make more words than that.

I love Stheno so much. She’s such a badass. And then who doesn’t love a god of death?! (I sure can’t resist.) I definitely fell for Gregor from moment one, and the chemistry between him and Stheno is fiiiiiirrrreeeee. So hot. *fans self* And at the same time there’s some vulnerability there, which was really lovely. If you’re into the type of romance where the MC is dripping blood and surrounded by bodies because someone threatened their love interest so the MC rips all their heads off, this is the romance for you!

This was the first book I’ve read by Jenny Nordbak, but I definitely plan to check out more of her work. The way this one ends, I’m DEFINITELY hoping for a sequel/spin-off!

This is the first book in the multi-author Peculiar Tastes universe. They’re all stand-alones and can be read in any order (uh… I think).

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