Book Review: Sorcerers Always Satisfy by Louisa Masters

Sorcerers Always Satisfy

Author: Louisa Masters
Series: Hidden Species, book 4
Publisher: Independent (June 3, 2021)
Kindle edition, 284 pages
Romance, Paranormal romance


Just because I enjoy planning and researching doesn’t mean I’m not the most dangerous badass mothercracker around.

The world sees me as boring, dependable David. And I like it that way. I know things and I’m organized. Plus, I’ve seen firsthand the harm a chaotic life can inflict, and I’d rather have my lists and be called dull.

Which is what makes it all the more disconcerting when a sexy elf declares his adoration and begins to “woo” me. What am I supposed to do?

Hide, mostly. It’s hard, though, because Caolan and I are supposed to be working together. And he’s tough to resist: sweet, competent, and so incredibly beautiful. He sees something in me that no one else does. Would it really be such a bad thing if I gave in to temptation?

My personal life can’t be the priority right now, though. The bad guys are gearing up to strike, and if we don’t stop them, the end of the world could be nigh. I need to focus on that, not on letting Caolan show me the benefits of spontaneity. Or do I?


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

I struggled with this book the most in the series, which is a bummer because I’d been so looking forward to David’s story! David’s reasons for being so suspicious and rejecting of Caolan’s feelings seemed kind of thin to me. Also, HOW OLD IS HE?! Because some bits made it sound like he’s hundreds of years old, and then in others he’s at school with Lily and Percy and it makes it sound like maybe the early 1900’s, which would put him at only a bit over 100 years old… Someone please explain it to me.

I’m not a fan of instalove, and I didn’t really… like… Caolan… Sorry. X.x He’s just so earnest, I kind of want to slap him?

This book wraps up the overarching plotline we’ve been working towards the whole series – and I was completely surprised by the WHO at the end, while I saw the WHAT coming from miles away.

This is the fourth and final book in the Hidden Species series. While the romantic plotline wraps up within this book, making it technically a stand-alone, there is an overarching plotline that runs through the entire series which means this series is best read in order. AND if you loved this world and want more, Louisa Masters’ Here Be Dragons series picks up after this one ends with Percy’s story in book one, Dragon Ever After!

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