Book Review: Shameless Puckboy by Eden Finley & Saxon James

Shameless Puckboy

Author: Eden Finley & Saxon James
Series: Puckboys, book 3
Publisher: Independent (October 27, 2022)
Kindle edition, ? pages
Romance, Adult contemporary romance, Sports romance (hockey)



After a little mishap in an alleyway with CCTV, my public image needs fixing. Oops?

It might have been a stunt to get the attention of Lane Pierce, San Jose’s new PR manager, but I didn’t realize what the consequences would be when I did it. I’ve got Lane’s sole focus now in all the wrong ways.

He has designated himself as my babysitter, and while it’s fun messing with him, being bound by curfews and rules has never worked for me.

The more I push back, the more I realize what’s really on the line. My career, my future, and maybe even my heart.


Being appointed head of San Jose’s PR department was a dream come true … until I met Oskar Voyjik.

He may be San Jose royalty, but with the stunts Oskar’s been pulling, the team owner is down to his last thread of patience. Which puts me in the firing line. If I can’t turn Oskar’s entitled party boy image around, we’ll both be shown the door.

I have free rein to do whatever it takes, and it turns out whatever it takes is Oskar.

Only, the more entangled our lives become, the more I see the Oskar he’s buried deep down. The one who hurts, the one who’s sensitive and kind, the one … the one I think I’m falling for.

I can’t have him and my career, and if rumors of the professional lines I’ve crossed get out, it’s not only my dream job I can kiss goodbye; I’ll be disgraced from professional sports completely.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Omgggggggg I can’t even. THIS BOOK. *swoon*

I have loved each book in this series more than the last (which is saying something as book one, Egotistical Puckboy, is one of my favorite books) and this third installment sure didn’t disappoint!!

I really loved Oskar in the earlier books in the series (especially his role in book two, Irresponsible Puckboy!) and was intrigued by the brief tastes of his interactions with Lane we get in that book.

I basically died inside repeatedly as Oskar and Lane rub each other (heh) in exactly the wrong ways. Their issues sort of reflect each other, so there are the obligatory misunderstandings and miscommunications that happen as each man views the actions of the other through the lens of his own experiences and hang-ups. This is also the HOTTEST of the Puckboys series! Oskar has an exhibitionist kink, and Lane – as his PR person – needs him to just NOT, but the ways in which he works with that to make things exciting for Oskar. *shiver* SO GOOD.

I LOVE that we get to see to see glimpses of the couples from other books, not just in the Puckboy series but from the Fake Boyfriend and CU Hockey series as well. There’s also set up at the end for a whole new up-and-coming generation of Puckboys, about which I am VERY EXCITED. I just love the Queer Collective!! I hope they get their dream of having a queer player on a team in every state, haha!

This is the third book in the Puckboys series. While it can be read as a standalone, the entire series is FIRE so you should definitely read them all (and it may as well be in order. 😉 ) Like, seriously. I own this series in ebook, paperback, AND audio – it’s just that good. (Also the narrators are AMAZEBALLS and I can’t wait to reread this one on audio once it releases!!)

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book. All opinions are unbiased and my own.

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