Book Review: The Christmas Swap by Emma Lyon

The Christmas Swap

Author: Emma Lyon
Publisher: Independent (November 23, 2021)
Kindle edition, 89 pages
Romance, Adult contemporary M/M romance, Holiday romance, (Christmas)


It seemed so innocent. Pretend to be my twin brother for Christmas so his jilted fiancé can save face with her parents, and I don’t have to spend Christmas alone.

I didn’t count on her grumpy hot older brother.

Wes is everything I could have ever asked Santa for. Gorgeous, sensitive, good with his hands. So good I can’t stop fantasizing about them. Or him.

The problem? Wes thinks I’m straight, engaged to his sister, and my twin brother. Who he hates.

It’s going to take a sleigh full of Christmas miracles to get us past this lie. When Wes finds out the truth, I only hope he’s willing to give the real me a chance.

The Christmas Swap is a 22,000 word novella with a complete story and HEA, featuring secret identities, fake relationships, a grumpy love interest, and piles of Christmas goodness.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

THIS BOOK. UGH. I am just mad it’s over – can I just read it again immediately? haha

I’m a sucker for a mistaken identities trope, so when I saw the blurb for this Christmas romance novella where Avery pretends to be his (straight) twin Ambrose with Ambrose’s fiancée for the holidays… only to meet her very attractive brother… SIGN ME THE HECK UP, I AM IN FOR THIS SLEIGH RIDE! And wow, it delivered on everything I’d dreamed and more.

The chemistry between Avery and Wes is just… SO good. Wes has met Ambrose before (and immediately hated his slimy face) so he’s surprised when he actually sort of likes him when he comes home for Christmas with his sister Lucy. And then has all sort of feelings about being attracted to his sister’s (straight) fiancé. And then Avery, who is really such a cinnamon roll, hates lying to everyone from the get-go, but when he start falling for Wes he’s extra torn – he doesn’t want to lie, but he also doesn’t want to admit to the lie for fear Wes will hate him.

The dramaaaaaa! I love it. This is the first book I’ve read by Emma Lyon, but upon finishing it I immediately went and added her entire backlist to my TBR! The first book in her The Real Thing series, Not So Fake, is a fake dating trope – which just happens to be my OTHER favorite trope next to mistaken identities. YESSSSS, I can’t wait!

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