Book Review: Foxed by Jay Hogan


Author: Jay Hogan
Publisher: Independent (January 12, 2023)
Kindle edition, 323 pages
Romance, Adult Contemporary M/M Romance


FOXED: To be thrown into a state of uncertainty—flustered, bamboozled, bewildered, puzzled, vexed.

AKA, me. Jed Marshall. 55-year-old successful classic car mechanic; divorced, mostly closeted, and whose wholly inexperienced bisexuality has suddenly awakened after one smouldering look and said, ‘Damn, who’s the hottie?’ Or words to that effect.

Cue, Nash Collingwood. 53-year-old scarily smart high school principal; out, gay, confident, and sexy as hell. He’s also my daughter’s boss. So, not complicated at all, right? Nash could ignite a bonfire with a single sultry look, comes fully accessorised with a charm offensive Churchill would be proud of, an easy-going flattery that thrills my heart far too effortlessly, and an impressive track record with men many decades my junior.

In short, Nash is everything I’m not, and everything I’ve avoided for roughly my entire life. He’s the hot rod to my sensible family car, that is if you like your family cars with a few dents, creaky suspension, unexpected backfires, and a dodgy stick.

The last thing I need is a relationship—especially with a man. I buried that pipe dream a long time ago and a little loneliness is a small price to pay. The festive season and long summer vacation are on our doorstep. I’m finally getting things right with my family who mean everything to me, and I don’t want to mess that up.

But Nash doesn’t care about my awkward inexperience, or clumsy excuses, or any of my insecurities. Nash only sees me. He wants me. For the first time in years, I feel alive and sexy and a whole lot more than just a good father and grandfather.

I should walk away, but the closer Nash and I become, the more he fills my grey world with colour, and the promise of a second chance at love I never thought possible.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

I love the chemistry between Nash and Jed. They’re just so CUTE together! I love that they’re both older gentlemen in a later stage of life – they’re both in their fifties, Jed with adult children and a granddaughter. The exploration of what it means to be aging and aged – and all the body quirks that come along with it – while trying to develop a new romantic relationship (or in Nash’s case trying to keep up with the young’uns) was really well thought out and just sort of… lovely. Their romance is so honest and beautiful, and heartbreaking when either of them goes running scared because this type of relationship is so new to both of them, but for very different reasons.

Jed is not only dealing with coming out as bisexual at the advanced age of 50-something, he’s also trying to balance being a good dad and grandfather for his family after feeling like he was something of an absent father figure while his own kids were young. And he sort of over-balances into the area where he doesn’t have his own life, he’s devoting so much time and attention to his family, especially helping his daughter our with his grand-daughter. Beyond the romantic relationship between Nash and Jed (which – SWOON), there’s also the balancing act Jed must do with his own family, and Nash’s dealing with his rather playboy history and fear of letting someone close enough past his walls to hurt him.

Also the dramaaaaa! I live for it! You’d think at 50-something years old these guys would have learned a BIT better how to communicate, haha!

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book. All opinions are unbiased and my own.

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