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Monthly Wrap-Up: July 2018

2018 Reading ChallengeBooks read in July: 12Books read in 2018: 109/150I had been tracking the children's books ARCs I'd been reading all year, and decided I didn't like counting children's books in my number of books read. SO! Edited my dates read in Goodreads to get an accurate snapshot of how many middle-grade and above … Continue reading Monthly Wrap-Up: July 2018

Peekaboo’s Corner: Books to make you run away from the beach this summer

We’re hitting peak summertime here in the United States. The sun is our constant companion, temperatures are spiking, and all people want to do is flock to the beach to relax and cool off. Especially if you live in Minnesota, land of (over) 10,000 lakes. Elley did a post last week about her favorite beach … Continue reading Peekaboo’s Corner: Books to make you run away from the beach this summer

Monthly Wrap-Up :: June 2018

2018 Reading ChallengeBooks read in June: 37Books read in 2018: 139/150Before you go WHOOOOOA, WHAT!? know that I read a LOT of children's and middlegrade ARCs in June in an attempt to improve my feedback ratio on NetGalley. (With very mixed results, LOL.) You can expect to see postings a few times a month with … Continue reading Monthly Wrap-Up :: June 2018

Discussion: Writing diverse characters as a white author

Today's discussion post is a little more focused on the writing side of bookish things. I'm participating in Camp NaNo in July, and am super excited for my story idea. I plan to write several interlinked short stories based on fairy tales, set in an urban fantasy/paranormal romance AU. The common link is some interaction with … Continue reading Discussion: Writing diverse characters as a white author

Discussion: Diversity in Romance part 2 – mental and physical ability

As a follow up to my April 2018 post about Diversity in Romance, I wanted to talk some more about diversity in romance - specifically main characters with mental, physical, and sensory disabilities. ***IMPORTANT: I am writing this from a place of good intentions, but you know what they say about the road to hell…  … Continue reading Discussion: Diversity in Romance part 2 – mental and physical ability

Discussion: Mermaids, Dragons, or Unicorns?

OK, this is a totally frivolous "discussion," but we're having it because it's #mermay. 😉 I see so many unicorn and mermaid branded (for lack of a better word… themed?) things, especially on Bookstagram. I feel like I see less dragon stuff. Is that because the mermaid and unicorn followings are so much bigger than … Continue reading Discussion: Mermaids, Dragons, or Unicorns?

Monthly Wrap Up: April 2018

 I am so crazy glad that the weather is FINALLY warming up outside! We had so many crazy snowstorms in April, it was bonkers. My goal for April was to try to get caught up on my out of control ARC requests and I did... OK I guess? I spend Readathon and the week leading … Continue reading Monthly Wrap Up: April 2018

Discussion: Readathons

Let's talk about readathons!! In the bookish community, readathons are ways for the bookish community to connect and make the very individual sport of reading into a team event. 🙂 Booktuber Gintare, over at Book Roast created this Harry Potter themed read-a-thon centering around O.W.L's (Ordinary Wizarding Levels, inspired by Harry Potter) which she named the Magical Readathon! … Continue reading Discussion: Readathons