Readathon: Reindeer Readathon TBR

Reindeer Readathon: Team Candy Cane!


Time to join all your other reindeer in the Reindeer Readathon and compete to get as many points as you can over the month of December! There are 5 different teams and you’re sorted into one of them when you sign up. I’m on team CANDY CANE!


  • DASHER – (short story/novella, 10 pts) Schoolbooks & Sorcery edited my Michael M. Jones
  • DANCER – (fave author, 15 pts) + CHRISTMAS CAROLS (audiobook, 15 pts) Indexing: Reflections by Seanan Maguire – complete!
  • PRANCER – (travel element, 20 pts) The Kaiju Preservation Society by John Scalzi
  • VIXEN – (recently caught your eye, 20 pts) Lore Olympus Vol 1 by Rachel Smythe – complete!
  • COMET – (5 star prediction, 15 pts) The Holiday Swap by Maggie Knox
  • CUPID – (new author, 25 pts) + CHRISTMAS STAR (500+ pages, 25 pts) The North Wind by Alexandria Warwick – complete!
  • DONNER – (red or green cover, 20 pts) Mingle All the Way by Mia Hentzelman – complete!
  • BLITZEN – (randomly chosen, 30 pts) How to Survive a Modern-Day Fairy Tale by Elle Cruz – currently reading
  • RUDOLPH (standalone, 15 pts) + CHRISTMAS LIGHTS (ebook, 15 pts) The Love Con by Seressia Glass – complete!
  • ~*~bonus~*~
  • SLEIGHING IT (50 pts, repeating Dancer) The Silver Bullets of Annie Oakley by Mercedes Lackey




  • DASHER – 10 PTS A short story (or collection) or novella
  • DANCER – 15 PTS A book by one of your favorite authors (rereads count too)
  • PRANCER – 20 PTS A book with a travel element in it (vacation, quest etc.)
  • VIXEN – 20 PTS A book that has recently caught your eye
  • COMET – 15PTS A 5 star prediction
  • CUPID – 25 PTS Take a shot at reading a new author
  • DONNER – 20 PTS A book with green or red as the primary color on the cover
  • BLITZEN – 30 PTS Choose at least 3 books and have one chosen randomly to read (for example, rolling a die, an online poll, your pets choosing etc.)
  • RUDOLPH – 15 PTS A standalone book.


  • CHRISTMAS STAR – 25 PTS A book over 500 pages
  • CHRISTMAS LIGHTS – 15 PTS An ebook
  • CHRISTMAS CAROLS – 15 PTS An audiobook
  • SLEIGHING IT – 50 PTS If you’ve completed all prompts and bonus prompts, you can redo one prompt of your choice for extra points

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